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Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s premiere cloud platform offering, has completely transformed the cloud platform over the years. This is great news for enterprises, SMEs, Startups and the like, now that they can focus on their core business application, as Azure is gaining traction as the preferred cloud infrastructure platform for millions of IT professionals globally.

Here are a few reasons why the developer community is turning to Azure as their choicest cloud platform, and why your organization should also consider adopting the same:

Tremendous cost savings & increased scalability:
Windows Azure allows you to pay-as-you-go as you need to pay only for the resources that their applications are being used. If any company needs to increase its user accounts or data storage, Microsoft can suitably adjust their rate, making it highly scalable and convenient. The hassle-free pay-as-you-go ensures you need not pay an arm and leg for empty storage which you may never use.

Fast scalability is an inherent advantage that Windows Azure server comes with. This is why the IaaS/PaaS model is reliable. Because Windows Azure services are delivered from cloud data centres that have layers of built-in redundancies. One service crashing won’t bring down your company’s application as it will automatically move servers from one data center to another.

Fast Upgrades:
Microsoft Azure can work with different coding languages, tools and framework, including both Microsoft-based and third-party software and systems. One can easily upgrade new web applications with Azure.
Easily integrable with other Microsoft tools:
For enterprises that rely on MS tools like SharePoint, Outlook and Office 365, investing in a cloud server that can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft products is a great idea. This means that in Azure they can use the same virtual machines that are being used on premises like Linux and Window, further simplifying operations.

IaaS and PaaS:
Azure is an exciting combination of SaaS (managed) and PaaS (unmanaged) services. With Iaas, companies can outsource their entire cloud computing infrastructure and pay as they go. PaaS allows companies to develop their own software and/or Web apps without needing to purchase and maintain the core infrastructure. By this, organizations can customize their cloud software such as Office 365. Azure allows developing, deploying and managing applications easily and quickly.

Robust BI and analytics support:
Azure offers managed SQL and NoSQL data services and integrated support for exploring data deeper and discovering key insights for business process improvement and decision-making. Organizations can particularly leverage their SQL Server in the cloud and deploy Apache Hadoop-based cloud service that is Microsoft Azure-specific and HDInsight to develop Hadoop clusters for deeper analysis of data.

Fully built-in delivery pipeline:
Once you start appreciating the benefits of Azure from an enterprise perspective, you will understand that there are several elements over and above mere storage. From architecture POV, you actually require a unified delivery pipeline.

Here’s what azure offers you:
Source control, Integration testing, Unit testing, Go live tools, Delivery.
Whilst there is always an argument that assignment of specific workloads to various environments can at times be advantageous, there is lowered risk of integration failure and greater continuity when all tools are built-in under single umbrella. This means that if there is any product update or any other changes involved, Azure can ensure to a greater level that their pipeline is designed accordingly, thus creating a compelling business case.

Disaster recovery:
The global transfer of data makes it important for providers to deploy disaster recovery and in-built fail-over capabilities. With regional and global failover options, capabilities for rolling reboot as well as hot and cold standby models that work innovatively, these capabilities push them beyond the traditional storage option. While this may not be the case always in everyday business activity, it is something that allows you to stay confident in knowing what is happening behind the scenes.
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