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Virtual Reality VR Application for Special Needs Training

Children with learning disabilities can greatly benefit from the technological advances in the area of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Even better, children with Autism can learn social skills through AR/VR technologies as they focus on the strengths and weaknesses of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by creating controlled environments, lowering the anxiety in real social situations.

Abi-Tech is one of the leading companies of AR/VR applications for special needs in Singapore. Although AR/VR is new to the technology arena, our developers, at Abi-Tech, have had experience in plenty in delivering these state-of-the-art apps that are best in class in terms of function and performance, which can be used on a range of devices.

Build Real World Skills

The real time, highly interactive nature of teaching through AR /VR makes a reliable educational tool, adding a new layer of excitement to the learning experience and help individuals develop real world skills.

Building Social Connections

Designed for children, teens and young adults who spend most of their time bedridden or on a wheelchair in a specialist care environment, our VR applications can help children develop improved social engagement, intelligence and reciprocity through practise of discrete skills.

Teaching Stories

Stories that take the interactive route teaches users how to go about managing planned and unplanned scenarios in an ‘infotaining’way! They are extremely intuitive offering an adventurous space that children can be part of a learning curve and gain a headstart into their teaching.

Sensory-Based Tools

Because the virtual format can be applied to any theme or subject, AR/VR technologies can offer an engaging and calming environment to those who are stressed-out or experience sensory overload anxiety.

The benefits of our AR/VR applications for special needs training include:

Driven by VR:
Immersive and recursive offering context difficult to replicate in office or home.

Supervised Experience:
Therapists and parents can help guide and direct the progress of the learner in an engaging and fun away.

Highly affordable:
We are highly affordable in making it an extremely accessible therapy that is specially tele-teaching.

Data Collection:
Our solutions can automate analysis and capture of previously unavailable data.

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