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ERP Software for Building Construction Management

The Building & Constructions sector, in recent times, is becoming increasingly more stable, regulated and complex. The incessant quest to increase bottom-line, enhance profit margin, achieve project on-time delivery, wrest operational costs and meet client requirements, while accelerating growth, makes it all the more challenging.

Companies and enterprises that identify opportunities and embrace the changes emerge as clear winners as they increase customer acquisitions and maximise ROI. The dynamic and competitive industrial landscape demands cost-effective and scalable development and project models.

Abi-Tech Solution understands the complexities, risks and challenges involved in the building and constructions area. We provide cutting-edge processes and time-proven IT business models to overcome the myriad of challenges.

We addresses the major challenges confronting the building & construction sector and help contractors, civil engineers, asset owners and project managers deliver exceptional results — whatever be the type and scale of the project: commercial, residential, education, health, community, hospitality, etc. Our IT solutions for Building & Constructions lead to enhanced efficiency, growth and innovation harnessing the full potential of your present IT infrastructure and networks.

Why Abi-Tech Solutions?

  • Customer-focused approach to deliver projects in time, and that which is budget bound, with project quality spot on
  • Integration of hardware, software and mobility technologies that drives and streamlines collaboration and communication throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Reduction of time-to-market, cost and project management related risks
  • Integrated solutions based on state-of-the-art IT technologies and project methodologies
  • Strategic competitive advantage by leveraging technology for growth and efficiency
  • Fully optimized for seamless performance and enhanced security levels
  • Collaborative approach in realizing your project objectives
  • Reduced project overhead costs and deployment time
  • Cut development time and cost down with integrated process innovation and system implementation
  • Access to ways to track assets, manage site, monitor tools and material logistics employed remotely at job sites easily
  • Improved data network security to protect all your business information and customer data
  • Greater visibility into network operations, allowing your IT team to fix issues, fast and easy
  • Tailored, custom-built infrastructure network to mitigate risks and keep you stay ahead of competition

With comprehensive industry knowledge and exposure to Project Based Resource Planning (PRP), HRMS, Payroll, Inventory and CRM, Mobile Applications, E-Commerce Development, BIM Services, Website Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Brand Management and range of E-business products and solutions, we are geared to the core to manage all your requirements that are fully configurable to meet both IT and business needs. Reach out to us to explore how we can help design and build your next IT requirement.

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