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Business Process & Reengineering

Business Process & Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering, or BPR, is broadly defined as the process of re-creating a core business process with the objective of enhancing product output, reducing operational costs or improving quality. This is achieved by analyzing a company’s current workflows, identifying processes that are inefficient or suboptimal, and determining ways to eliminate them or change them.
We understand that today’s constantly changing business environment is all about staying ‘agile’. Only agile organizations can deliver exceptional customer and business value. Often it requires path-breaking change and highly sustainable on-going improvement, though incremental in nature, in organizational culture, business process and supporting the right technological stack. We, at Abi Tech, help you address the need for Business
Process & Reengineering in six key steps:

  • Assessment:

    We map the existing state of an organization including workflows, work activities, supporting development technologies, reporting relationships, roles and responsibilities and business compliances and regulations.

  • Analysis of Business Process:

    We figure out root causes, gaps, strategic disconnects, etc from the perspective of improving operational efficiency, enhancing organizational effectiveness and meeting strategic objectives of the organization.

  • Determining and analyzing improvement areas:

    We then determine, analyze and validate improvement areas/opportunities for root cause based on analysis. This also covers identification and validation of improvement areas that are forwardly facing—often transformational opportunities, strategic in nature, that are delinked to the existing state processes.

  • Designing the future:

    We select specific improvement areas or opportunities identified above that can heavily impact operational efficiency, organizational effectiveness leading to achieving organizational strategic objectives. We ensure the areas or opportunities selected presents scope for time, budget, talent, etc to be executed in the project time framework. We develop a forward-looking future state map that understands and covers the selected improvement areas.

  • Execute future state changes:

    Our team then carries out the execution part depending on dependencies amongst changes/opportunities, project management, change management, performance monitoring, etc.

Abi Tech adopts a unique BPR approach to delivering break-through results in operational efficiency, even as the significance of business-as-usual opportunities remains untouched. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for the right technique, methods and skills to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.

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