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Marine ERP Software Solutions

Today’s ‘marine industry is marked by high expectations when it comes to on-board IT needs, obviously, in the area of software systems and applications, being the norm on-shore. These requirements can turn out to be critical in terms of operational safety and security in the complex marine environment. Abi-Tech Solutions can help design, build, configure and maintain the latest in marine sector.
Marine Engineering is a cut above the rest delivering a full spectrum of services for Marine Engineering from IT build conceptualization, feasibility design all the way down to full life-cycle support and maintenance.

We’ve delivered exceptional results to a number of marine industry based clients offering IT solutions for both on-shore and on-board environments. This level of experience and expertise has allowed us to exceed client expectations and offer realistic solutions in demanding and harsh conditions. While our time-tested solutions have proved to be effective, we shift gears and tailor unique strategy on a client-to-client basis. We also work with our clients closely in planning and developing bespoke solutions and applications that fall in line with their requirements.

Why Abi-Tech Solutions?

  • Required expertise for planning and execution of IT strategy and project implementation, from consulting to complete design, configuration and installation
  • Complete analysis of your current infrastructure, existing processes and functional areas to establish industry best IT practises
  • Planning and managing changes and upgrades to your current IT business practises
  • Implementing the right web and online branding strategy and other functional areas
  • Managing existing IT business ensuring it stays up-to-date and perform as expected
  • Access to the resources and expertise required to assist your IT needs
  • Immediate resolution of many issues by remotely connecting to your workstations/systems by managing your assets
  • Comprehensive understanding of IT application in real-life marine engineering environment
  • Information, analytics and reports required for the seamless operation of business for increased ROI
  • Introduces transparency, efficiency and visibility into a gamut of processes including operations, commercial, finance and equipment control, among others.
  • Thorough understanding of the business and language of shipping and marine engineering
  • Complete understanding of specifics and custom-built solutions exacting your technical requirements
  • Establishment of best-practises to reduce errors, redundancy and build efficiency into existing processes
  • Managing full-scale IT process for you to focus on core business activities and functions

Abi-Tech Solutions’ range of IT product and solution suite helps one track, monitor, drive, control and manage every business aspect of the Marine Engineering sector focussed on the prime objectives of profitability, customer satisfaction and cash flow.

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