What is report process automation? Why should you automate your reports?

Report automation is the process of generating reports and automatically updating them with the help of software. The data collected can then be sent to the required email recipients periodically with automatic email sending option.

Automated reporting software usually communicates with APIs to automatically pick up data from each platform and build into the system of the software. Users have complete freedom to access the latest reports and distribute regularly to all parties concerned.

The process may even sound like it has skive off the communication or interaction and custom nature of reports; however, report automation gives you different customizable options such as custom email message, comments, notes, white label design notes and a range of others features that come with most automated tools.

The biggest takeaway of report automation is saving one’s valuable time. This is achieved by automation of parts of the reporting process that don’t need human intervention by offering a range of customisable features to include these insights where they count the most. Report automation is giving users the time required to focus on their core tasks.

Why should you automate your reports?

Let’s take an example of online or digital marketing reports which helps clients understand how effective your marketing campaign is. Typically, a range of reports including web analytics, SEO rankings, website data social media campaigns and visibility, Adwords Campaign and lots more are shared across the client team. Tracking these data, collecting them and putting together with hundreds of KPIs for each client every month is time-consuming, which is why you need to have report automation in place. The good news is that it not only saves time, but also saves dollars as well.

For example, if you have 40 clients and you need to create one report per client each month, the time taken to tailor a single report is about 5 hours. That’s 200 hours every month in order to send the reports to all your clients. Now, say an employee is paid $30 per hour on an average, and that averages $6,000 just to create and send reports. Did you get the numbers? Calculate the salary expenses for a single year, and you could well save $72,000 on your own. The mantra is to start automating your reports.

Not just this, bring in the time required to discuss campaign and strategies into the equation: you will have an entirely different picture. Automated reporting software offers personalized reports custom fed for each of your clients, without monotony and negligence.

Our automated reporting software comes with white label options that can enhance the overall brand presence of your client. This means that you can send a mail to your client stating that their report is ready to consult. All they need to do is click upon the personalised link that has your agency’s name, and your client will receive a live online report with custom branding details, updated data, personalized with insights and comments updated at your end. Talk to our team, as our report automation software helps customize all your client reports without your even having to talk with them or by just commenting on the generated report itself. Any better to create ‘wow’ reports fast and easy?