Why is SharePoint platform perfect for compliance training?

Why is SharePoint platform perfect for compliance training

Do you know that nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for compliance training? If you’re already using SharePoint for compliance training, you’re on the right lines. Whether the training covers state and federal regulations or internal policies including fraud prevention, data security, etc, using SharePoint is an innovative platform for training with a range of features to add, edit or update training materials and manage it easily. This blog will cover why SharePoint is the perfect platform for compliance training.

Update of training materials:

Whether corporate policies or compliance regulations, it is important to add, edit or update changes regularly. By using a SharePoint LMS, one can easily and quickly author training content material right in SharePoint and Office 365 or adding links of training content from other websites (e.g., YouTube).

Is your training consistent?

To maintain the consistency of the compliance training material at all levels, a SharePoint LMS provides centralized storage and versioning feature. This is where it gets impressive: all the changes can be easily tracked; a previous version can be restored in case of a needless change or if any e-learning content is deleted.

Enhanced security:

In terms of security it is better than the average LMS as there are multifactor authentication and access levels for different users and user groups. Because most of these compliance training documents have references to compliance breach notification information, these materials are mostly information-sensitive and confidential.

Greater availability

No matter whether employees work on-site or from a remote location, a SharePoint LMS enables employees learn at their own pace and convenient time instead of having to attend training in real time, thereby encouraging micro-training. Furthermore, the training materials are easily accessible 24 x 7 for training.

Interactive social features:

The collaborative nature of a SharePoint LMS in the form of chats, discussion boards, feedback forums, reviews, and blogs improves interaction and communication which is essential to measure the efficacy of compliance training and charting out potential areas of improvement and keeping the trainees motivated.


Compliance is motley of do’s and don’ts. Memorization of dot points of compliance can be burdensome leading to lower learning retention. A SharePoint LMS can incorporate game mechanics that can simulate real-life situations relating to compliance issues. If the instances of the breaches are defined properly, employees can be rewarded with achievement scores and points. Similarly, the gamification components like Badges, Points and Leaderboards are used in LMS that improve motivational levels through competitions in compliance training. Learning content too becomes fun and easier.

Complete automation of training-oriented processes:

A SharePoint LMS can help automatically enrol employees to specific compliance training that are either role-or-duty based. Scheduling meetings, tests, assessments and several other events is lot convenient, in addition to generating automatic notifications and reports with a SharePoint LMS. Upon successful completion of training, certification, and even renewal of it, can be done automatically.

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