f About Us - Abi-Tech Solution - Leaders in HRMS and ERP Solutions Singapore.


ABI-Tech help company to transform business with innovative ideas and process. This help business in digital transform along with current business model which grow business revenue and profitability.

With 18 years of experience in AEC and information technology, ABI-Tech Solution’s team of experts are continuously trained with existing and emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions and implementable strategies to drive and increase your productivity and enhance your profitability.

ABI-Tech help in client in two area.

1. We help in transforming business from traditional method to digital transformation. We act as trust advisory to the client which help to analysis current business model and then provide transformation in new business model. we help client to the implement digital transformation in analysis the business gap and provide Bespoke solution in the area of IOT,Big Data,Robotic,AR and VR. Our team of expertise have broad knowledge in the mentioned area.

2. Ready to use Project Based resource planning with Facial recognition mobile application

Our innovative custom software solutions come with cutting-edge technology for all your business needs:

  • Project Based Resource Planning (PRP)
  • ABIWHIZ Smart Track Mobile(Face Recognization)
  • HRMS ,Payroll,Inventory and CRM
  • SEO and Online Marketing with Brand Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-Commerce Development
  • BIM Services