Train your workforce

Our on-site training services can bring you industry-leading training materials and actionable hands-on training tools available at your disposal. Abi Tech’s training solutions can bring you bespoke technological programs that are highly flexible, cost-effective and convenient and tailored to help enhance efficiency, increase productivity and prevent unscheduled downtime.



Assessing an organization’s need is the first definite step in knowing more about its specific training challenges, goals and issues. We first assess the current skill levels of the employees; find out gaps that exist between the demand and need for resource training.

The roadmap that we develop forms the blueprint to close the gaps. Often our training program is a combination of technological partners, subject matter experts and in-house resources that jointly tailor a custom program which effectively understands and addresses the organization’s identified needs some of which may be critical or even specialized concerns—and expectations.


Upon assessment of knowledge/skill levels, we come up with learning programs that are targeted at both the team and individual levels without cutting in too much on the project team’s everyday tasks and reporting.

The custom learning plans, developed in line with the company’s working style, enables faster completion of tasks and delivery of projects within the project timeframe. Greater focus comes from aligning the learning process with the overall need assessment of the organization.


Our pre-assessment procedure involves defining a baseline understanding, measuring team and individual competency levels, and identifying the areas that require improvement. Post-training evaluations include assessing the team or individual knowledge and understanding. Periodic feedback through assessments helps in continuous skill improvement.

At Abi Tech, we cater to specific and individualized training needs to deliver rapid, reliable, bespoke training programs by leveraging on our time-tested resources, expertise and experience. If you’re looking for a strategic partner for training solutions that deliver exceptional results, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of ABI-Tech's Custom Training Solutions

  • Increase productivity levels and reduce turnover of your employees.
  • No cookie cutter approach to delivering results
  • Improve employee retention rate of your organization.
  • Develop a tailored, cost-effective program for rapid skill development and knowledge transfer in a specific technical area or platform.
  • Prepare a number of ready-to-use documentation templates for future references.
  • Provide employees with a solid framework for adopting a particular tech skill set or tech stack that would result in faster projection completion and reduced system downtime.
  • Minimize dependency on third-party vendors.
  • Reduce the impact that knowledge gap would ideally have on timely project delivery.
  • Enhance cross-skill training to create workforce with diversified skill sets.
  • Track progress and provide periodic measurable feedback to employees for course-correction.
  • Establish criteria for talent hiring and roadmap for career advancement in line with organizational goals.