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Microsoft Dynamics offers a number of different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications, over and above small and medium business (SMB) solutions. Microsoft Dynamics can go with other Microsoft applications including Yammer, SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 and Outlook.

How efficient Dynamics CRM is can be only understood with the perfect implementation of it. At Abi-Tech, we help implement Microsoft Dynamics for our customers based on their requirements, and in a way that best suits their business strategy.

The key is having a model that flexes across both sets of clients: one, a balanced and standard implementation; other, rapid or agile approach. We, therefore, help enterprises implement multiple instances to come out with the perfect solution. We advise our clients not to settle with an off-the-shelf CRM that doesn’t exact what they are looking for.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most recommended CRM solutions available in the market which can customise, automate and manage the most complex of business functionalities in the most practical and simplest form. But in order to reap the full benefits of Microsoft Dynamics, you need to entrust the implementation part with an efficient team that is fully conversant with the already proven practises of deploying business solutions with Microsoft Dynamics.

Given a company has a fair understanding of the capabilities and advantages of the use of the software, it should have ready access to technical resources that are part of Microsoft Dynamic extensions, maintained by a wide extended network of Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners and selected Gold Partners.

The most compelling reasons for why Microsoft Dynamics can be the most preferred enterprise-level CRM:

It brings down the CRM implementation cost dramatically by efficiently connecting CRM implementation with ERP solutions, and helps increase the bottom-line.
Custom retention and loyalty is enhanced as it is a secure service and is thoroughly customizable pre-implementation.
It helps in accurate decision making as it helps data reach the right people at the right time.
Proper linking with a flexible ERP will maximise the value of several segments of the organization productively.

Abi-Tech helps clients with systems integration for end-to-end business process improvement and increased ROI. We help integrate the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system with different segmented systems that drive ERP operations, process automation and data synchronisation working over the enterprise’s functionalities, thereby reducing cost and maximising management transparency.

Generally, CRMs are built for fulfilling requirements including contacts, opportunities, lead generation, while some required an added asset of states that a customer may expect before turning to it sign. Therefore, to perform the customization of these states, the sales professional might have to enter the qualifiers or the data of the customer who is ready to sign in, which is achievable only through custom implementation offered by CRM.

Interestingly, every software upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings it along more robustness, add-on-tools and functional efficiency that helps companies override competition. Abi-Tech helps understand clients the remarkable approach of Microsoft Dynamics towards the integration, and helps them in undoing archaic strategic planning, implementing upgrades with an expert tech team, thus increasing their competency levels.
With Abi-Tech, you are in safe hands as we enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM feature with Dynamic ERP solution through our implementation and integration services, irrespective of the industry or company. Just give us a shout, as we help you maximise the productivity level of your company’s CRM activities.

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