f EON Interactive Mirror | AR VR Apps for Autism Training

EON Interactive Mirror | Augmented Virtual Reality for Autism

EON Realm/ Interactive Mirror is a cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Gesture Input based solution great for high traffic areas. A lot of people, especially girls, face difficulties changing dress in a trial room, and there are some who don’t want to set foot on a playing surface; our easy-to-setup EON Realm/s Interactive Mirror has been tested for performance and efficiency. Abi-Tech is a leading service provider of EON Realm/ Interactive Mirror based on AR/VR technologies in Singapore.


A viable application of EON Realm/s Interactive Mirror is teaching Autism individuals though AR/ VR (Virtual Reality) including practical life skills and measuring their progress numerically. The intuitive gesture commands can be effectively controlled and interactive mirror easily used by all levels and ages of technology end, with minimal efforts.

The EON Realm/ Interactive Mirror can have a positive process impact in any retail clothing stores as it comes with the following key benefits:

  • Gives one a complete skeleton tracking in real time. All objects and main joints are covered and they reach as high as 40cm.
  • The custom gestures can enhance the power of touch-free interaction.
  • It can be used on a number of devices such as touch-screens, printers, external application and more.
  • Allows straight-forward import of 3D and CAD data.
  • A turnkey solution that integrates all software, hardware licenses and customized 3D content.
  • No wonder all leading fashion brands feature the EON Interactive Mirror as virtual 3D garments which customers can try on apparels on a virtual demonstration of their own bodies on their mobiles.

    How do most shopping retailers and malls benefit?

  • Better coverage of the latest retail concept.
  • The demand for a separate floor space, fitting rooms and inventory process is cut short considerably. This, in effect, can lower rental costs.
  • The time spent on combining various accessories among customers is reduced. This, in turn, can step up the conversion ratio.
  • Brands have innovated promotional offers based on the current clothes and accessories selected by the customers.
  • Customers can benefit from the 3D movement of clothes and accessories directly above the mirror.
  • Allows customers to get socially connected with social media channels for your business to grow virally.
    Do you like to learn more about the EON Interactive Mirror and how its different features can benefit shopping centers, mails as well as shoppers? Simply drop a line here.
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